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Part of United Biscuits, McVitie’s is a long-established player in the market and manufactures a wide range of much-loved biscuit and cake products.

In an attempt to reduce the impact that its operations have on the environment and move towards sustainability, McVitie’s is constantly on the lookout for new and improved production processes. However, when Grundfos presented McVitie’s with the NOVAlobe, the company was a bit hesitant, as they only knew Grundfos as a supplier of top quality pumps for central heating and services.

On a trial basis the production sites in Glasgow and Carlisle agreed to test the Grundfos NOVAlobe. And since then, McVitie’s have stopped looking for better alternatives.

The situation
McVities product production processes typically involve extremely abrasive liquids with a very high viscosity, such as fats/oils, caramel, chocolate, glucose and cake cream. Over the years, this had led to extensive problems with their process pumps. They were leaking far too often, requiring extensive repair work every 6-7 weeks.

The result was costly downtime, excessive maintenance costs, and less time for other important issues for the engineers on site.

Because McVitie’s had no experience with Grundfos pumps for the process industry, Grundfos readily agreed to supply a NOVAlobe pump on an approval basis. McVitie’s only needed to purchase the pump if they were completely satisfied with its performance.

The Grundfos solution
NOVAlobe is not just extremely reliable; it is also very resistant to highly abrasive liquids with a very high viscosity. In close coop-eration with Grundfos, engineering charge hands Andy Maitland and Brian Anderson at McVitie’s tested different versions of the NOVAlobe and quickly found the NOVAlobe version that fit their requirements. And shortly after, the pump was installed on a trial basis.

More than 7 months later the pump has still not had a leak. However, in case of pump failure, the engineers at the factory have five hours to fix the pump before actual downtime occurs. As an extra safeguard, Grundfos established a small, on site spare part stock. In addition, all spare parts or new pumps from the nearest Grundfos service centre are just three hours away, which virtually eliminates the risk of costly downtime.

The outcome

Today, McVitie’s has 7 NOVAlobe pumps operating in their Glasgow and Carlisle plant. The company is very pleased with their new pump solution and according to, Andy Maitland: “Grundfos is now an approved supplier and over the past year, we have exclusively purchased NOVAlobe”

In addition to a reduced spare part stock, one of the greatest ben-efits of one pump type at McVitie’s is that the engineers can get familiar with repairing and replacing parts of one pump type only.

“The pumps are manufactured to the highest standards. The organ-isation and quality control are absolutely superb and I have abso-lute confidence in purchasing the products“, Engineering charge hand at McVitie’s, Brian Anderson.


Grundfos NOVALobe is designed to handle the demanding product production processes at McVities that involve extremely abrasive liquids with a very high viscosity


Glasgow and Carlisle


Part of United Biscuits, McVitie’s

Grundfos provided

  • Free trial basis
  • Protection against downtime
  • Peace of mind


NOVAlobe pump
The NOVAlobe pumps have been designed in accordance with the strictest hygienic design criteria

Pumps data

  • 1 x NOVALobe 50/0129
  • 2 x Pumps with st/st tanks
  • 4 x NOVALobe30/022


NOVAlobe pump
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Ha hasonló megoldást keres, vegye fel a kapcsolatot velünk.


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