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Competence and quality in linear Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology have a name with a long tradition: Sodick. For nearly three decades, this company has been the only one in the world to develop and build its own EDM machines from scratch. Grundfos pumps play important roles in helping Sodick produce some of the world’s best EDM machines.

The importance of innovation to Sodick is expressed in all they do – and even in their name, which is formed by the combination of the Japanese words meaning “creation” (“so”), “activity” (“di”), and “overcoming” (“ck”).

The situation
The Sodick name represents quality and innovation. From cavity sinking EDM, wire EDM or hole EDM, Sodick machines are popular, reliable partners the world over. Since being founded in 1976, their commitment to quality has shown through each and every machine they’ve produced.

Grundfos circulator and feed pumps play significant roles in ensuring smooth EDM processing. Sodick, like Grundfos, is a responsible company where great efforts are placed into essential activities including training and after-sales service. Customer comments regarding undesired noise were therefore taken quite seriously.

The Grundfos solution
Additional test procedures have been implemented by Grundfos Thailand. Standard testing has been increased threefold, as two extra tests are performed prior to delivery. Structured schedules to discuss quality issues have been established between Sodick, Grundfos Thailand and Grundfos in Denmark as well.

Two Grundfos pumps are normally employed in each Sodick machine, where immersible SPK and CRK pumps make up the majority of the applications.

The outcome
The Sodick EDM machine manufacturing plant, located 50 km outside of Bangkok, recently marked a major production milestone when it delivered its 10,000th machine.

Sodick prides itself in delivering innovative EDM machines to its customers worldwide. Examples include the usage of high-precision linear motors, low-maintenance ceramic components and the implementation of the feed-forward, user-friendly controller with SMC (Sodick Motion Control) that considerably enhances speed, precision, and reliability.

Grundfos is proud to be able to contribute vital components to their success.


The Sodick Thailand plant recently produced its 10,000th EDM machine


The Sodick Thailand



Grundfos provided
Attention to details

  • Dialogue with the customer
  • A shared commitment to quality


Grundfos products used
Two immersible pumps per machine (on average)

  • SPK pumps
  • CRK pumps


Sodick Electro Discharge Machine
Sodick Electro Discharge Machines are known the world over as an investment in quality.
Mr. Sompol Wongsirichon
Mr. Sompol Wongsirichon, Planning Manager of Sodick Thailand says:

“It is great to work with a supplier who shares the same commitment to quality as we do. Grundfos responded quickly to our comments regarding our customer’s feedback, and showed a genuine interest in resolving the situation in the best possible way.”

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Ha hasonló megoldást keres, vegye fel a kapcsolatot velünk.


+36 23 511 110