Grundfos sanitary range at Jacobsen’s Brewhouse



The kettles at The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse on the Carlsberg property in Copenhagen are brewing specialty beer as ever before. Over the past couple of years, the beer market has taken a U-turn and consumers increasingly demand beer of a quality that reflects old taste and tradition.

In June 2005 Carlsberg inaugurated The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse with the aim to brew specialty beer with the same taste as back in 1897 when the old Carlsberg Brewhouse was established. The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse is the smallest of the Carlsberg Breweries on a worldwide basis. Focus is on smaller quantities and high quality rather than mass production.

The situation
In order to meet the demand of the consumers the different production processes have to be handled with special care. Brewing high quality specialty beer calls for flexible, high quality hygienic production equipment.

The fermentation process is an extremely critical process because different types of beer are brewed at the same production line. To avoid contamination of the fermentation process, high-grade sanitary pumps are a necessity to ensure high-quality beer. The temperature is monitored closely in order to obtain the optimum fermentation conditions. If the fermentation process is not handled with care, it can jeopardise the entire brewing process.

Further, cleaning the entire system after each batch processing is necessary to ensure that The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse is constantly brewing a homogeneous quality and taste. An efficient CIP system takes care of this part of the process. To be able to continuously offering customers specialty beer of high quality and give them a feeling that drinking beer is an event, flexible pumps are necessary in the CIP process.

The Grundfos solution
The Grundfos sanitary pump range is certified by its hygienic design with regard to preventing possible breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. This acknowledgement complies with the particularly strict hygienic requirements within the different processes in the beverage industry, demanding the pumps capable of handling a complex fermentation process like the one at The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse.

The design requirements, materials used and the surface finish are subject to a wide variety of national and international rules and regulations. Among these are the GMP Rules and Regulations, FDA Regulations, 3A sanitary standard, EU Foodstuff Hygienic Guidelines, DIN EN 12462 Biotechnology, the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) and QHD (Qualified Hygienic Design).

The outcome

Today, the whole range of Grundfos high-grade stainless steel sanitary pumps is represented at The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse. According to Masterbrewer Jens Magnus Eiken, “a good sanitary pump is a pump that adds excellence to the brewing process, it is a pump that you do not notice is there! Only the best sanitary pumps on the market are good enough for our processes, ensuring a high-quality production of specialty beer”.


Euro-Hygia® in fermentation process




The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse on the Carlsberg


Grundfos provided

  • Unique hygienic design
  • Installation and service-friendly
  • Certified performance
  • Reliable pump solution


MAXANA bloc pumps
MAXANA bloc pumps in CIP system at The Jacobsen’s Brewhouse
Certified with the highest standards
Certified with the highest standards within hygienic design.

Products used

  • Fermentation process:
    SIPLA 28-1 (mobil)
    Euro-HYGIA -
    1 Bloc-SUPER
    SIPLA 65-1 (mobil)
    HYGIANA 1-3 Bloc-SUPER


  • CIP-system:
    MAXANA 40-160 Bloc


  • Grundfos supplied pumps for all processes at The Jacobsen, Brewhouse.
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Ha hasonló megoldást keres, vegye fel a kapcsolatot velünk.


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