Grundfos MQ pumps improve efficiency and provide simplified plant layout



ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc., Quezon City, Philippines, is the region’s leading manufacturer of water purification systems. These systems are supplied to local water bottle filling stations spread out on the nation’s hundreds of inhabited islands, often in fairly remote locations where spare parts and quick service is not always readily available.

ATT recently decided to switch to the compact Grundfos MQ all-in-one pump/pressure booster unit for their water purification/filling stations with considerable success.

The situation
ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc. manufactures all-in-one water purification plants and filling stations that are being sold to commercial water bottling companies across the Philippines. With 800 employees and an annual turnover in excess of 6 million USD, the company is the leading manufacturer in this field in the region.

Up until recently ATT was using a compiled system with separate pumps, pressure tanks, diaphragm tanks and pressure switches. However, problems with mal-functioning pressure switches and failing diaphragm tanks were frequent. Heavy corrosion of the diaphragm tanks was also a common problem. This was clearly an unsatisfactory situation, and ATT, therefore, searched the market for a simpler yet more efficient solution to their needs.

The Grundfos solution
The Grundfos MQ is a self-priming, compact pump and pressure boosting unit, designed for domestic water supply and small industrial applications where a compact and reliable, low-noise, easy-to-install pump is required.

The MQ is capable of self-priming from a well depth of down to 8 m. It is ideal for pressure boosting from a water tank or from a water mains. The Grundfos MQ pump is built for trouble-free operation, and constructed of corrosion resistant materials, and it was, therefore, the ideal choice on all counts for ATT’s requirements.

The outcome
The Grundfos MQ has very much simplified the design of the ATT purification and water filling stations. A pressure tank is no longer required, nor is the unstable fault-ridden pressure switch. Two MQ pumps are being installed on each plant, one pump serves the RO purification unit and one provides the operation pressure for the filling section.

Currently a total of 140 ATT plants have been equipped with the Grundfos MQ pumps and with the rate of success that these plants are enjoying, many more are to come in the future.


Simplified pipe layout - Compact design - Reduced installation costs - Reduced after sales service


Quezon City, Philippines


ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc.

Grundfos provided

  • Simplified pipe layout
  • Compact design
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced after sales service


Pumps used

  • One Grundfos MQ 3-35 and one MQ 3-45 for each plant.


Grundfos pump
Grundfos pump

Mr. Sam Tovera, Vice President Operation ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc.

“Our plants have become much more compact compared to the previous design. The pipework has become much simpler and a separate pressure tank is no longer needed, nor is the complicated cabling associated with the separate pressure switch and control panel. Another advantage of the new design and the MQ pumps is that we have been able to maintain competitive prices even when compared to makes that use cheap Italian pumps. In addition, the MQ pumps operate very quietly, and the discharge pressure rises during continuous operation, which is needed in the process. This was an impossibility with the pump brand that we used to install.”



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Ha hasonló megoldást keres, vegye fel a kapcsolatot velünk.


+36 23 511 110