BM booster - added value for RO plant



OSMOTEC Engineering GmbH, Germany, designs and constructs state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis, (RO), plants for the purpose of extracting clean drinking water from saline seawater in both offshore and onshore desalination installations.

OSMOTEC is acknowledged as an expert within the water desalination industry and is known for their highly sophisticated designs and for the use of first quality materials. Consequently, many of their systems are considered as standard within the water desalination industry around the world.

The fact that several of the company’s first RO plants still function; show evidence of a company that is well reputed for its know-how, technology and high quality products.


The situation
OSMOTEC produce RO plants that are cost-effi cient, fully automated, and reliable both at river mouths and at sea and which demand a minimum of maintenance. n the light of the aggressive nature of seawater, the RO process calls for the use of high-grade material components that are corrosion-resistant, and that deliver high performance, and in the last resort, clean drinking water.
Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for the company that its suppliers can deliver reliable components of outstanding quality. High efficient membranes and high-grade steel quality for high-pressure pumps are only a few examples of what OSMOTEC expects of their suppliers. If the components do not live up to OSMOTEC’s severe expectations to quality and performance, the RO plants consequently do not produce satisfactory clean water.


The Grundfos solution
The Grundfos BM boosters are high-pressure submersible pumps and are characterised by their high level of resistance to aggressive liquids. Available in high-grade stainless steel AISI 904L, the BM boosters are corrosion-resistant, thus well suited for operating in saline seawater, for example on board ships. The BM booster is build into a pressure sleeve, which makes it possible for the pump to deliver a high static pressure of up to 80 bar.
The BM booster’s compact design makes it easy to integrate the pump into existing piping systems. As a result, the BM boosters do not take up much room. The pump is hermetically sealed; a design that helps minimising maintenance costs and makes the pump a low-noise pump. Because of their solid construction, the BM booster pumps are perfect for onshore and offshore applications.


The outcome
According to OSMOTEC’s Managing Director, Wenzel E. Janda, the Grundfos BM booster pumps are ideal for RO systems on board ships. Not only do the BM boosters live up to OSMOTEC’s strict technical requirements as regards the materials used, they offer several other significant advantages as well.


High-grade stainless steel pumps - High-pressure pumps - Compact design - Low maintenance costs




OSMOTEC Engineering GmbH

Grundfos provided

  • High-grade stainless steel pumps
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance costs


Pumps used

  • BM booster


BM booster

The BM booster fi ts directly into the RO plant and do not take up any further space. “We put the BM booster pumps wherever there is free room”, says Managing Director Wenzel E. Janda. The BM booster´s motor is water cooled and protected in a sleeve. Since the pump’s motor is not exposed to the aggressive air at sea, the BM booster is indeed corrosion-resistant and excellent for installations on board ships.

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Ha hasonló megoldást keres, vegye fel a kapcsolatot velünk.


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